Time for a deep cleaning now that winter is gone

Now that winter

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.

Giving Your Maid Constructive Criticism



If you have questions about Maid for Mommy, here are some answers. We want you to feel confident in your choice of a cleaning service.

What Counties Do You Service?

Currently, we are providing residential cleaning services in the South Plainfield area, including Middlesex, Union, Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, Atlantic.

How Can I Get an Estimate for Cleaning My Home?

We make it easy on you to find out what it might cost to clean your home. Just go to our online calculation tool and receive a residential cleaning quote!

Why Don't You Have a Set Rate?

Since everyone's needs are different, we have different rate. If you have a smaller space to clean, then you will pay less. If you have a larger space or more needed maid services, then the rate will be higher.

Do You Bring Your Own Equipment and Cleaning Supplies?

Maid for Mommy maids will bring their own equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies with them. It's our job to save you time, not to waste your time by making you provide us with the tools we need.

Can I Have a Long Term Cleaning Arrangement?

We feel that regular residential cleaning is best when you want to keep up the sparkling results. While some of our Central and Southern NJ customers have weekly cleaning appointments, others may want our maids to return on a monthly basis or just for special occasions. You let us know what works for you – no pressure from us.

Can I Schedule a Specific Time for My Cleaning?

If you request a time for us to be at your home, our Central and Southern New Jersey maids will do our best to accommodate your wishes. As we clean multiple homes during the day, sometimes we can fall behind if a customer needs extra attention or another unforeseen event occurs, so we might not be able to come at a specific time, but we will try our best.

How Many People Will Be Cleaning My Home?

The residential cleaning services you need will determine how many people will need to be on hand to complete the job. Maid for Mommy typically sends out two people to the home. Sometimes, however, more hands will be on deck to help with larger jobs and spaces.

Why Shouldn't I Just Hire a Cleaning Employee?

If you hire someone to exclusively clean your home, you become an employer and they become an employee. This means you need to deal with taxes, citizen status, etc. Doesn’t this sound like more work than is needed?.

Maid for Mommy handles the Central and Southern NJ crew of maids that arrives at your home, checking their references and experience to ensure they are the best crew possible. And we deal with the legal stuff.

What Happens If There is a Problem with the Cleaning?

First of all, we hope you never have a problem with your residential cleaning and with our company. But if you do, make sure to give us a call as quickly as possible – 1-877-4 MOMMY'S (1-877-466-6697). We will quickly attend to your problem and fix it.

Can I Work for You?

If you're interested in working with us, please contact our office to see how you can apply. Our staffing needs vary, but we do keep resumes on file when maid positions open up.

What Makes Maid for Mommy Different from the Rest?

Though we might seem like every other residential cleaning service now available, we offer a friendly and personal touch to cleaning your home. By treating your home like our home, our maids offer you service with a smile. We genuinely want to help you have the free time you desire back in your life. Let us do the cleaning for you. It would be our pleasure.

Can I Request the Same Cleaning Crew?

If you were particularly happy with a certain cleaning crew, we will do our best to make sure those maids can be there for your next appointment as well. Just give us a call to let us know when we've impressed you.

Do I Need to Be at Home When You Clean?

Since you have plenty to do, we now offer a free lock box service in which you leave your key for us to use on the day we clean. We don't hold onto your key like other Central and Southern New Jersey residential cleaning services do. We know you want your home to be as secure as possible and you can feel safer with us since the only person who holds onto your key is YOU.

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