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Spring cleaning.

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5/28/2010 Cleaning Out the Pantry


Around the house, closets are usually the messiest areas that your house cleaning service doesn’t neaten up. But there’s one closet that tends to be overlooked more often than the rest, and it is perhaps the most important one in the home: the pantry. It is imperative that your food be kept in a neat, clean space to avoid infestations and rot. By making time to organize and clean your pantry every three months, you’ll ensure that your food is not wasted.

Start by opening the doors and removing everything, item by item. Keep them in a separate room if possible so you can give the space a good cleaning. Begin by sanitizing with anti-bacterial cleaner before giving it another go over with a cosmetic polish or shining solution. Install any necessary pest deterrents if your house is prone to ants or other insects.

Next, line each shelf with a moisture-resistant pad. This will make cleaning up spills easy and hassle-free. Extra wallpaper is a great option; old plastic placemats work well, too. Consider lining the walls surrounding the shelves as well, though this step is not necessary.

Once the shelving is prepared inside the pantry, move onto the next step: cleaning the individual items. Begin by looking through opened items for any traces of pests. Pasta and flour can pick up meal worms, and ants love sugary cereals. If you spot any traces of insects or other pests, immediately discard all open items and bring them outside to avoid further infection in the home. Clean each sealed food item with antiseptic cleaner, ensuring that you get every groove spotless.

Once you’ve cleaned an item, return it to the pantry. Organize it logically, placing items that you use infrequently toward the back of the pantry on high shelves. It is also a good idea to place wet goods on lower shelves than dry goods. If a spill occurs, these dry items will be spared and you’ll have fewer items to replace. Avoid overloading shelves, as excessive weight can cause them to collapse. Never lean on the shelves or climb them to reach items; keep a stepladder handy to help you reach the highest shelves instead.

Once everything is away, take your organization a step further by making a list of everything in the pantry. It is a great idea to store this on your smartphone or a tablet computer as you’ll be able to make a virtual shopping list each week with little hassle. Make note of which items could be replenished, and add any missing items to the list as well. If you have too much of a one ingredient or another, consider storing it elsewhere until you are ready to use it (such as a dry basement or extra closet).

Keeping your pantry clean will make life easier for you and ensure that your family’s food is fresh and safe to eat. While your reputable Central New Jersey residential cleaning service takes care of the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, why not tackle this project and enjoy a 100% clean home?


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