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6/4/2010 Straightening up a Bookshelf



One of the most treasured pieces of furniture in any home is the bookshelf. Filled with tomes of heirloom writing, fun novels and reference materials to get you through any crisis, your bookshelf is home to more than bound sheets of paper. It is home to knowledge and pieces of your heritage, and it is a place that is best kept neat and clean so that you can pass treasured books down to your children.


While your maid service will likely dust the shelves and perhaps even the top of the books themselves, you should spend a few minutes giving the piece a more thorough cleaning. If it hasn’t yet been dusted, start by using a dry duster to remove as much settled debris as possible. Take special care when cleaning the tops of the books themselves; papers can stick to the duster’s fibers and become torn or folded. Once the shelf is dust free, move onto a more in-depth cleaning.


Carefully remove all of the books from the shelves, keeping them neatly organized in a box or some other container while you clean. If your shelf is made of wood, use a furniture polish to shine the wood and make the grain stand out. Use a polish designed specifically for your wood type, and be careful not to spray on hardwood flooring as it can become extremely slippery. If your shelf is made out of a different material, such as metal or plastic, consider using a standard multi-purpose cleaning solution to scrub it. Allow the shelves to dry before replacing any items.


Keep your books clean and neat by individually cleaning them before putting them away. In a well-ventilated area, fan through the pages of each book to release any contained dust or dirt. Next, gently wipe the spine and covers with a slightly dampened cloth that contains antibacterial cleaning solution. This will remove any germs that might be lingering on the surfaces. Allow the book to dry fully standing upright so that each surface receives equal drying time.


For cloth-bound books or particularly old treasures, use a dry dust cloth to gently clean the tops of the pages and the covers and spine. If you notice damage to the covers on a particularly precious book, such as a family Bible or antique book, look for a local book repair shop that can repair the issues. This will keep the book from further deteriorating.


When replacing books on your shelves, consider the amount of sunlight that each area receives. Most papers are susceptible to fading in bright sunlight, and by rotating volumes around the shelves, you will reduce the exposure to light. Ideally, the bookcase should be kept in a darker corner of the room out of direct sunlight; however, the rotation will slow deterioration significantly. And for extra freshness, slide dryer sheets between inexpensive books that are not family treasures. This will spread some nice scents around the area without adding an eyesore.


By keeping your bookshelf clean, you can ensure that your reading materials will be available for many years to come. Best of luck with cleaning, and be sure to treat yourself with a cozy evening in your favorite chair curled up with a good, freshly cleaned book!


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