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Spring cleaning.

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6/11/2010 Cleaning Window Exteriors


Windows are the one component of the house you don’t notice until they’re dirty. Normal windows are easy to clean from the interior of a home, but they can be very difficult to clean outside especially when they’re on an upper floor. Plus, windows with separate or distinct panes pose a variety of, well, pains during the cleaning process. While your central New Jersey residential cleaning service will keep the interiors sparkling, it’s usually your responsibility to clean the exterior components of windows.


Start with a portable handheld vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, ask your housekeeping services if you can borrow theirs while they clean your home. Vacuum gently around the edges of each window to remove cobwebs, large dirt clumps, leaves and other debris. Next, mark the location of each screen along its rim before removing it from the window frame. By marking discreetly, you’ll know where each one belongs without leaving unsightly residue. Soak the screens in a bathtub filled with warm water and half a cup of laundry detergent, agitating lightly before setting them out to dry in the sun.


Now that the actual moist cleaning is underway, start with the highest windows first. Use a prepared solution of window cleaner designed for use with a garden hose to reach the highest windows. Alternatively, you can also use a ladder to reach the higher windows, though this might be unsafe without a spotter on hand to watch you. Spray each window and follow the directions on the cleaner to ensure that each pane is washed thoroughly without leaving streaks.


On first floor windows, or other floors if you plan to use a ladder, mix equal parts vinegar and warm water in a large bucket. This eco-friendly cleaner will do an excellent job without harming the environment. Use a soft sponge to gently wash the windows, always keeping the sponge moist. To dry the windows, use a clean rubber squeegee to remove moisture. Work in vertical stripes for maximum effectiveness. Use a glass-safe microfiber cloth to dry any remaining drops before continuing on to the next window.


For windows with multiple panes or other design considerations, downsize your tools to smaller versions to avoid destroying wooden sashes or other elements. Work slowly and carefully to keep from accidentally loosening a pane, and dry each one with a microfiber cloth only. Older glass and stained glass should be cleaned according to expert advice as it is often times more delicate than the panes of regular windows.


By the time you have finished cleaning all of the glass portions of the exterior windows, the screens should be fully dry. Carefully return them to their rightful positions using the markings on the spines, and lock all components back into place. Once inside, examine the windows for signs of streaking or other imperfections and tackle spot jobs with a glass cleaner and soft paper towels. Once your windows are pristine, life will return to normal and you’ll forget they’re even there—and that is a very good thing!


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