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7/2/2010 Cleaning Up After Severe Weather


Central New Jersey sees a lot of strange weather. During the winters, it’s not uncommon to find Middlesex County buried under several inches of snow, and yet during the heat of July, the mercury can easily top 100 degrees. But only blustery summer thunderstorms can leave your yard and lawn in a state of shock that takes days to correct. Cleaning up after Central New Jersey storms is no easy task, and since it’s outside the realm of duty for your house cleaning service, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands!


Wait until severe weather has completely passed before starting to clean up. After all, if you tidy up between storms, your efforts will very likely be wasted by another downpour. Keep one eye on your local radar and another on the skies; if you feel like another storm might be approaching, hold off until it passes.


Start your clean-up like a house cleaner would approach a messy room. Pick up big issues first, such as downed tree branches and tumbled debris. Bundle large sticks together and store for environmental rubbish pick-ups, or deposit it at a local ecological recycling facility. Another eco-friendly disposal option: if you own a chiminea or fire pit, these sticks make great firewood when fully dried.


After the largest debris is removed, start by raking up loose leaves and adjusting plants. Since green leaves that are disrupted by summer storms are not as easy to dispose of as fallen autumn leaves, consider raking them into a compost pile. After several months, you’ll be able to use them when you pot your fall mums and other autumn plants. You can also run the leaves over with your lawn mower to mulch them quickly and easily. If your bushes or shrubs have been disturbed by the winds or rain, carefully tie them back into place using biodegradable twine and bamboo stakes.


Once your yard is cleaned up and back to normal, work on scrubbing the exterior of your house. Blustery rain tends to kick up a lot of dirt and grime which can stick to siding, giving your home a streaky, muddy coating. Attempt to wash the sides with a garden hose, though if the dirt won’t come off, you may need to resort to a power washing. Windows will also accumulate dirt during storms; wash them first with a hose before shining the exteriors with glass cleaner.


If the storm left any debris on your roof, take care of it last. This will ensure that slippery spots of moisture have dried up entirely before you start walking on a precarious slope. While you remove leaves and branches, look for signs of damage to your shingles and gutters to avoid discovering a leaky roof from the interior of your home.


Cleaning up after a storm is rarely difficult, and it offers you a great opportunity to survey the condition of both your home’s exterior and your yard. Remember to work from the largest projects down to the smallest and soon, your residence will be back in top form. Why not celebrate a cleaning job well done by hiring domestic cleaning services to neaten up the interior?


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