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Spring cleaning.

Giving Your Maid Constructive Criticism

Assessing Your Maid Service


Assessing Your Maid Service

When you hire a reputable Central New Jersey or South Jersey maid service like Maid for Mommy, you don't have to worry about their service level. However, discount cleaning services and other unlicensed maids might not give you the level of service you need even though their prices are the lowest. From time to time, assess your maid service to make sure you're getting the best service available.

The first place to start assessing your maid service is in its customer support. If the office staff are friendly and helpful, that is the mark of good customer service (though it isn't the only way you should assess the company). Look for a manager who knows your cleaning schedule, maid preferences and other needs fairly well and who rarely if ever makes a mistake in your bookings. If you regularly see behavior just opposite of this, consider making a change to another service.

Next, watch out the window when your maids arrive. Do they arrive in a marked company vehicle that stays parked out front during your cleaning, or are they shuttled out of an unmarked car that drops them off before driving away? If your maids look relaxed from the time they arrive to the time they leave, they're likely not overworked and enjoy what they're doing, increasing the chances that they'll provide quality service. Rushed maids who appear frazzled are probably squeezed for time and won't be able to clean your house as best as they could.

While your cleaning service is at work, keep an eye on them. The right chemicals should be used in the appropriate places, and care should be taken around antiques and breakable pieces. Take notes about your maids' work and report back to the agency office staff if you are dissatisfied.

Commonly called "the White Glove Test," quickly swipe a clean tissue along your home's surfaces after the maids leave for the day.  If the tissue picks up dirt, grease or other residue, include this in your report back to the agency. Look for misplaced objects around your house that may have been knocked or moved by the maids, and keep a tally of damage with photo evidence.

Once you have a report ready, visit your maid agency's office and discuss the issues with the manager. If she is quick to deal with the problems and resolves any issues prior to the next cleaning, remember the excellent service and make a note. However, if the staff is abrasive or unwilling to assist, inform them that you are unhappy with the service and would like to cancel your account. Move on to another service after getting input from friends and family, and continue assessing your next service the same as you previously had been doing. By keeping on top of your maid service, you'll get the most for your money.

Maid for Mommy is central and south New Jersey's premier cleaning services company.  We are dedicated to taking care of all the cleaning chores around your home so you have more time to spend doing what you like.  Relax with your family while our expert maid service scrubs your kitchen and bathrooms to perfection.  Sit back and enjoy a movie as we vacuum your carpets and polish your furniture.  After you host the perfect party for friends, leave the cleaning to us-we'll have your house spotless in no time.  Visit or call 1-877-466-6697 for a free estimate and come home to a house that truly sparkles!


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