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Giving Your Maid Constructive Criticism

Giving Your Maid Constructive Criticism


All houses are not alike. That being said, you can't blame your maid service for missing a nuance in your abode. Perhaps there's a guest bathroom tucked away down a hallway that your maid missed. Or maybe your tall mantelpiece had some lingering dust after a cleaning. While a reputable maid service like Maid for Mommy trains its cleaning specialists to tackle just about any job, not every service is quite as thorough. But rather than severing ties with your otherwise excellent service, try approaching your cleaning service with constructive criticism.

If you're at home when the maid is cleaning and you notice a space that was neglected, calmly and gently bring it to her attention. There's a good chance that she hasn't gotten to it yet, but in case it did slip her mind, you've reminded her before it became an issue. There's no need to become upset or angry; by approaching the situation with a cool head, you'll foster a stronger bond with your maid service and ensure that they'll always do a spectacular job.

Sometimes, a situation where you're giving out constructive criticism can rapidly turn for the worse. Rather than fueling the fight, diffuse the negative energy and wait until both sides have quieted down before re-approaching the request. If you're still unable to communicate properly, call the maid service headquarters after the job is finished and register a formal complaint. Be as objective as possible and describe exactly what happened, as well as the deficiency that caused the issue in the first place. By going this route, you'll likely reduce the possibility of the mistake occurring again.

When you've exasperated your resources but a solution has not yet been reached, consider the alternative ways to rectifying the situation. You can allow your maid service to continue working and clean the area after they have gone, though this is not preferable. More likely, you should consider hiring another maid service like Maid for Mommy that trains its staff and holds them to the highest standards. By hiring a qualified service, you'll get only the best maids while eliminating the possibility of future conflicts.

Regardless of how the criticism pans out in the end, be sure to spread the word to your friends. This advice could save others from the same headache. Oftentimes, people you know might be looking for a new maid service and would appreciate any tips you can offer. Social media sites are a great way to communicate the pros and cons of each service, especially those that rate businesses and allow users to leave feedback. But since this is forever attached to your name or account, don't abuse the service or let your frustration get the best of you. Be honest and forthright, especially since you might have experienced a very rare instance of an isolated problem. It's a better idea to communicate positive experiences online, so hold your negative comments and suggestions for companies to avoid until you're talking to a group of friends in-person. It's the easiest way to get the word out without creating any future issues-allowing you to find the right maid service for all your cleaning needs.

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