Time for a deep cleaning now that winter is gone

Now that winter

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.

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Our team of maids is special – and we think you should meet them before asking them to come into your home. When you hire someone to do your residential cleaning for you, you should feel confident not only in their skills, but also in their integrity.

Maid for Mommy helps keep your home secure by hiring Central and Southern New Jersey maids who are:

Insured – Should a maid be injured in your home, this shouldn't be your responsibility. Since your homeowner's policy or renter's insurance policy may not cover these sorts of situations, we have insurance to make sure you don't have to reach into your pocket.

Bonded – Many residential cleaning services aren't bonded, which means that if a maid decides to steal something, YOU are the one who has to handle the situation. We're bonded, so if anything happens (and we doubt it would), we're going to look out for you.

Professionally trained – We make sure our maids are professionally trained in the latest cleaning techniques so your home sparkles after we've closed the door behind us.

Cleaning products – Some products that other cleaning services use may not kill bacteria and viruses. It's the truth. So, make sure your cleaning services using environmentally friendly products which also clean the home and make it safe.

We also make sure our maids go through a background check prior to being hired. We carefully screen any and all applicants to make sure they can be trusted in your home, with the things you value most.

We want to make sure there's no trace that construction workers were even in your Central and Southern New Jersey home. All you should see are the results, not the mess

Still unsure? Ask about our references. Maid for Mommy can provide you with a list of references of past clients who will tell you what you can expect from us.

Maid for Mommy wants you to know that we're not only going to give you back your free time, but we're also going to make sure your home is clean and safe at all times.

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