Time for a deep cleaning now that winter is gone

Now that winter

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.

Giving Your Maid Constructive Criticism

Spring cleaning


Spring cleaning...ugh those dreaded words we hate to hear each year, let alone actually do it. It's a known fact, everyone hates cleaning, but spring cleaning is a whole other form. There is a way that you can enjoy it, yes enjoy it! You have to make it fun. Try and get the whole family involved, kids, husband, nieces, nephews or if you live alone invite friends over, make it a little get together - most likely when your spring cleaning you Tend to throw stuff out - so this is beneficial to them as well as you for their help. Break out some chips and dip, some quick sandwiches maybe even a glass of wine or two (for the over age folks of course). Most important thing is to enjoy yourself as hard as that sounds. Now, here are just a few simple tips to basically get this over as smooth and quickly as possible.


First, get your supplies, the dollar store has everything you need mops, brooms, cleaning products of every kind, buckets, garbage bags, storage units, etc. They have it all. Second, designate areas/jobs. Make a list of every room, closet, outside area (if needed), etc. Don't worry about getting everything done in one day, try and arrange certain people/tasks for certain days. Give the kids the easiest task according to their age and size. This all depends on how much cleaning you actually have.


Third, once everyone is in position, pick a task and start. Usually starting by eliminating any loose trash (stuff easily thrown away). Don't be afraid to throw it away! If it's been sitting there collecting dust, most likely you don't need it. Doing this eliminates all the clutter you will have around you do the actual cleaning. Fourth, put everything in a storage container you possibly can. It helps keeps things neat and organized and helps you out for next year! Again the dollar store has these in many shapes and sizes. Again don't be afraid to throw things away! Fifth, okay it might be time to do some actual cleaning. So get your gloves on and buckets and rags ready....the fun begins!


Scrub and wipe everything in sight. Everything!!!Don't be afraid to get everything "wet", meaning if you can soak it soak it. Just make sure it is dryable and will not damage anything. So please make sure kids are supervised. This also includes walls, tables, and collectables, everything you can see or touch. You want everything spic and span and in its place. Go room by room, going along everything including all the baseboards, doors, windows. Every crack and crevice you can. If you do have outside the kids love outside cleaning...maybe they can spray the windows you're cleaning. Get them involved, they love it. After all this is done, all garbage should, be thrown away; things should be looking neat, clean and everything in a place. Just remember have fun...blast music, enjoy yourself....put some spring back into your cleaning!!! Until next year........Happy Cleaning!


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